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Whether you would like to partner with us or just see how you can help, we'd love to talk. We're all about genuine relationships, so get in touch and let's team up!

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A contribution to Ocean Heroes, whether that be service, volunteer-based or financial, goes a long way towards providing this free and unique opportunity for the autism community around Australia.

We endeavour to create long-lasting relationships that creates a positive environment for the growth and sustainability of the organisation.

Sponsorship & Volunteering opportunities

When you come on board as a sponsor or partner, we love to get your staff involved with volunteering, providing one of the most rewarding experiences to the autism community!

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We value your enquiry and will handle your details with care. The team at Ocean Heroes is built by a majority of volunteers and we will endeavour to follow you up as soon as possible. By submitting this form you are confirming your request to be followed up, if opting in to any mailing list you will have the option to opt out.

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