Mates Ryan ‘Whippet’ Clark and Luke Stewart live by the mantra ‘you only live once’. In this spirit, in August 2022 they will attempt to swim from England to France (Whippet), and complete the Ice Mile, a 1.6km in waters less than 5 degrees (less than 20 Australians have ever completed this).

The boys are devoted to the ocean and strongly believe in its benefits; they love kids, of which they both have three; and are absolutely committed to having a positive influence in life. Therefore, they are thrilled to have the opportunity to raise funds for Ocean Heroes, a non-for-profit aiming to improve the wellbeing of people living with autism and their families through surfing.

Whippet and Luke are aiming to raise $100,000 to enable Ocean Heroes to start its first chapter in NSW bringing together the autism and surfing communities, creating a fun and inclusive environment, for the participants, their families, and volunteers. Their hope is to also complement other inspirational initiatives such as Dippers surf and beach safety programs for kids living with autism.

Every donation is tax deductible, and all money raised is for Ocean Heroes. We are really excited by the enduring positive influence their programs will have and hopefully many of you are involved!

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Luke Hallam

Luke loves everything about the ocean and spreads his time between stand-up paddle boarding and surfing. He is known for being just as stoked on 30 knots of wind as he is for 6ft of swell. He works as a personal trainer who specialises in training people with disabilities, in particular Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Luke also has an obsession for any dog he sees and will often stop mid-conversation to pet it.

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Sam Moyle

Sam spends more time in the ocean than on dry land. Some say he’s even developed a sneaky set of gills behind the ears, complementing his passions for surfing, freediving and all things marine. He’s been involved in many not-for-profits over the years, and has found his passion in sharing the surf stoke with kids on the spectrum.

When he’s not working as a marine biologist, you’ll find him at the local patisserie stuffing his face with a ham & cheese croissant.