You can support us with donations, volunteering and sponsorship


All donations are tax-deductible, and every donation helps. Your generosity enables us to purchase our equipment and run our events. 


As a volunteer, you have the option of helping out on the beach (registrations, donning wetsuits and lifejackets, handing out certificates etc.) or in the water (surfing with participants, an extra help around the participants and their paired surfer). 

To be a volunteer, it is favourable to have;
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Whether you would like to discuss an on-going sponsorship or run a one-off event with us, Ocean Heroes would love to talk to you. Take a look at our standard sponsor packages below and get in touch with us to discuss your sponsorship options.

Sponsorship packages

General sponsorship

A recurring monthly or annual donation to Ocean Heroes. We feature the names and logos of all our sponsors on our Sponsors page. Depending on the nature of your sponsorship, we may also feature your logo on marketing materials produced for all general events.

Event sponsorship

You can also support us with a one-off special event sponsorship, where you will be the sole sponsor for that event. Your name and logo will be the only one appearing on marketing materials for that event, along with Ocean Heroes’. You are welcome to send someone from your company to come say hi to the families at the start of the event, and this is a great opportunity to share your merchandise in a relaxed, friendly setting too! We can also have your company signage at that particular event if appropriate. 

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