Learn to surf with Ocean Heroes through our public events or a one-on-one private surf experience

Ocean Heroes public events

At Ocean Heroes events we take safety seriously, and every child surfing at one of our public events will have access to a 30 minute one-on-one session, along with support from a host of volunteers. Be the first to hear about when we are running our next session by signing up for our newsletter today! This is the best way to guarantee a spot, as lesson spots fill up fast!

Private one-on-one surfing experience

We also run 60 minute private, one-on-one  surf experiences year round (weather permitting). Currently, private sessions are only available in Perth. Contact us directly to book a session.

Here's the nitty gritty details

What to bring

Bathers, Hat, Towel
Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen
Bottle of water
Goggles (if your child needs them)

We provide

Wet suits
Life jackets
Surf instructor & good vibes.


Public events - 100% free! 

Private surf lessons - Contact us for pricing and requirements.


Community events (free)

At the beginning, we promised to ourselves to always keep our events free of charge, therefore making the opportunity to go surfing equal to all!

Private surf lessons (paid)

For those who require private one-on-one sessions, there is a fee - contact us today to discuss your options.


Public events - Each child is allocated a full 30 minute, one-on-one surf experience as part of the event.
Private lessons - Our private one-on-one lessons run for an hour.

What people are saying about surfing with us

Here's the feedback we've received from people who have participated in our events and assisted surf lessons!

Book a private lesson

We run private, one-on-one  surf experiences year-round. Get in touch to find a time that suits your needs.  [We are currently running at Leighton Beach, but will move to Brighton Beach (Scarborough) when conditions change in summer]